Product Testing

Tincture Certificate of Analysis

250mg Tincture.

500mg Tincture.

1000mg Tincture.

2000mg Tincture.

How to read tincture testing.  These test results show the CBD content per serving.  In the bottom right corner it shows the total CBD content.

Topicals Certificate of Analysis

Regular Strength Salve

Max Strength Salve

Regular Strength Massage Oil

Max Strength Massage Oil

Capsule Certificate of Analysis

500mg Capsule

1000mg Capsule

Candy Certificate of Analysis

Lime Candy

Root Beer Candy

Anise Candy

Peppermint Candy

Raspberry Candy

Orange Candy

Lemon Candy

Cinnamon Candy

Coconut Candy

How to read candy testing.  In the bottom right of the COA it shows total CBD content per gram.  Each piece of candy weighs 5-6 grams.